this is our story

We are a family owned and operated women's clothing store located in the heart of downtown Panama City, Florida. Inspired by the fashion of the West Coast, we search all over to bring women affordable, unique fashion and accessories. At the heart of our business is the belief that every woman should have a "safe" place to shop. A place where she feels comfortable and empowered. We will never "Sell" you anything. We will guide you to pieces and items that you like and will suggest a few items that may be a little "out of the box" for you. We provide a unique personalized shopping experience like no other. And hey...
High Fives and HUGS are ALWAYS FREE!


She stands tall with her feet firmly PLANTED on the ground. She is curious about the world and sees beauty in all things. She asks questions and seeks TRUE answers. She has PLANTED seeds of knowledge in others, yet she believes she can learn something from everyone. She is fiercely loyal to those closest to her, yet she embraces strangers. She is TRUE in her convictions, beliefs, and sense of style. She is You. She is me. How are you #PLANTEDTRUE?